Update frequencies

When to expect updates across resources in Golf


Tournaments/fixtures for all Tours plus match-play events affiliated to European and USPGA Tour, are made available in the API as soon as possible after the release by governing organisations.

Properties that will always be available upon release:

Stage resourceEvent resource (exc. Matchplay)
Tournament name/titleTournament name/title
Date rangeStart date
Play formatPlay format

Properties that will update prior to the release of an event's entry list include:

Stage resourceEvent resource (exc. Matchplay)
Prize & currency of prizeN/A
Venue/course details: par, lengthN/A
Play formatPlay format

##Entry Lists

A full list of entrants is exposed in the API prior to the start of an event. Information will be provided at least 48 hours prior to play commencing wherever practicable but within 24 hours before play commences where such information is supplied by the official governing body.

Entry lists are available at Event level in a list for Stroke play and Stableford events. Entries in Match play are provided at Event level but as multiple events.

##Tee Times

For all Tours, tee-off times and groupings are updated in the API as soon as practically possible after posting by the event organiser. Tee times for the next round are supplied at the end of each day’s play, as announced by the organiser, and are exposed at Stage level. Tee times per participant are exposed within the Event Composition (PREMIUM DATA).


Leaderboard data is available at Event level and is updated with collated round scores at the end of each day's play. Some properties per Participant/pairing/grouping are updated frequently during live play where possible.

ParDuring play
RankDuring play
Collated round scoreEnd of day's play
Made CutEnd of day's play

##Player profile

Updates to a participant profile can be made at any time, including during play.

##Hole-by-hole (PREMIUM DATA)

As the event composition endpoint is the source of premium data, hole-by-hole content will update at the end of each hole that a participant/pairing finishes in a round, or every five minutes, whichever comes first.

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