How do we provide high availbility

A number of considerations have been made to provide our clients with high availability. Each client of the notifications service is provided with their own persistent queue behind the scenes, this means if your service is unreachable or failing for whatever reason we will keep all the messages you have missed until you come back online.


If your service does not respond with a 200 status code we will retry the message until it does, your subscription can be set up to pause your feed after a specific number of retries.

Once your subscription is paused you will need to get back in touch for us to turn it back on.


By default we will set your service up to run with a concurrency of 3, this means you may receive some messages out of order but will not be blocked if you have a long running process for one of the notifications.

If you require guaranteed order of the messages we will keep your concurrency to 1, this way you will only receive the next message once you have acknowledged the previous.


If you would like to receive a heartbeat from us to test we can still connect to you, we can configure this to run at an interval of your choice.

The heartbeat message looks like the following.

    “type”: “heartbeat”,
    “timestamp”: “2018-06-21T10:24:36.621Z”

What’s Next

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